Hand cut, Hand welted, Hand stitched sole, Hand finished.


In 2006 Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling launched the most innovative British Luxury shoe brand the industry had seen in decades. Tony and Dean launched firstly with bespoke, followed by ready-to-wear and made-to-order shoes, all of which were and still are sublime in style and unequalled in quality.

Gaziano and Girling have created a new made-to-order service called the Optimum MTO. This service will bridge the gap between full bespoke and manufactured made-to-order shoes.

Optimum MTO offers the same choice as our regular Made-to-order service, the difference being is in the way they are made. The Optimum MTO shoe is completely hand made by our bespoke team on one of our chosen existing Gaziano & Girling lasts, giving the finished shoe absolute perfection.

The Optimum MTO is for the customer who wants perfection without going through the bespoke process.

It is also for the customer who wants a pair of shoes that are at an ornamental level.

Optimum comes with its own unique lasted shoe trees, bespoke shoe bags and a bespoke box.
To order this shoe you will need to visit our made-to-order page and click the Optimum option, then proceed to select your chosen style, leather, last and sole. Extras are optional for steel toe tips and initials in waist.

Optimum MTO