Special 10 Year Anniversary Offer

It was in 2006 that Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling branched out from the known and well-established shoe makers they’ve […]

It was in 2006 that Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling branched out from the known and well-established shoe makers they’ve worked for for some years by putting their heads together to create something new and unheard of. It was then, ten years ago, that they decided to push the boundaries set by habituality and combine the best of both worlds, traditional British making and more continental and contemporary styling.

When they teamed up, neither of the two had dared to dream of the success that was to follow. Back in 2006, Tony was designing shoes in his garage whilst Dean was making them in his garden shed. Driven by the trust in their very own skills and abilities and with nothing but ambition, they set out to take the world of shoe making by storm. Ever since the founding, the quality of the end product is and has been what sets G & G shoes apart from anything else in terms of both, bench made as well as bespoke shoe making.

Straight from the start, we at G & G have focused on the upmost quality in every aspect of the product. Today, this susceptibility to materials used, craftsmanship applied and traditions kept alive has elevated our young company on top of the trade. This ethos transformed the garage into a 11.000 sq. ft. factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire, the first shoe factory to be opened in this traditional hub of British shoe making in over 100 years and the shed into a flag ship store on Savile Row which today stands where no British shoe maker has been before, in the heart of British style and tradition.

With our on-going commitment, we hope to have proven to be a welcome as well as worthy newcomer to the exclusive world of British shoe making. Furthermore, we have grown from a two person endeavor to a team of over 25 people, fostering young apprentices by handing down our knowledge and thus keeping yet another beautiful British craft alive.

As nothing of this would’ve been possible without those brave few who trusted us and our skills in the first days of Gaziano & Girling it is now our time to thank you for this trust and loyal following. We are grateful and proud to be part of this ever growing G & G family.

As a little thank you, we’d like to celebrate this 10 year anniversary by dropping the normal Made to Order surcharge for the next month. In addition to that, we’d like to introduce our special anniversary model, “Savile”. This monk strap with a hand stitched apron has been a favourite amongst our bespoke range for some time and will now be available Made to Order as a special anniversary model in a deep blue “Savile” patina. Being a special, every single one of these will come with bespoke dust bags and in a bespoke box.

Again, we as Gaziano & Girling want to thank you for your trust in us over the last decade and are very much looking forward to strengthening our relationship over decades to come. Thank you!

This offer is limited until October 15th 2016. Please contact sales@gazianogirling.com or +442074398717 for all enquires.

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