Simon Jones

Episode 1

Episode 1 – Simon Jones

Meet Simon Jones, manager of our only store in the world on Savile Row, as he talks about his journey into the footwear industry, and watch as he unboxes the latest pair in his Gaziano & Girling shoe collection: a Chukka Boot.

The Chukka is a style that we feel deserves more appreciation, and one that provides such a high level of versatility and functionality for something seen to be at the more casual end of the shoe spectrum.

It’s inspiration comes from the riding boots worn by Polo players in India, with the British military adapting this and wearing a more casual interpretation of these riding boots during WWII.

A ‘chukka’ is also the name for a period of play in the game of Polo.

In footwear terms, it’s an ankle-high boot in suede or leather with open lacing, 2 or 3 eyelets and a rubber or leather sole. But with a few tweaks, it can be so much more.

Our Made To Order programme has 2 options for a Chukka boot, the Arran and the Wallis, and in our first episode, Simon identified a clear gap in his collection, which the Chukka easily fills and adds another option to many outfits.



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