Michael Symons

Episode 3

Episode 3 – Michael Symons

Meet Michael Symons, client advisor in our Savile Row store, creator of the Shoe Talks series and an integral part of our team in Savile Row. Michael talks us through his Menswear journey from Liverpool to London, and how his appreciation for the craft of shoemaking has brought him to Gaziano & Girling.

Michael joined the Gaziano & Girling team in early 2022, after almost 20 years in the retail industry. Most of his years have been focussed on managing large flagship stores and large retail teams for some very well-known companies. After working with Simon (Jones, Shoe Talks Episode 1) several years ago and becoming good friends, it was an easy choice to come and join forces once again.

His chosen model in this episode of Shoe Talks: the Hove, is as sleek and elegant as a Derby can get. A Derby is by nature a casual model, not something you typically see being chosen for a formal wardrobe. But with the changes to the work wardrobe and the evolution of the ‘uniform’ for an office or a job requiring formal attire, the Hove ticks all the boxes.

Michael’s chosen MTO for this episode shows the Hove in it’s natural state; a casual, hybrid, day-off or walk-to-work configuration. Paired with our brand new Brooklands sole option, he has made a shoe that is perfect for that off-duty, walk to the pub on a weekend feeling.

We’ve seen many example of this model being made in much more formal configurations, from Black Calf to a soft and subtle English Grain on a Square Deco last, changing the aesthetic all together to elevate it’s formality. Don’t be afraid to pair a Derby with a well-tailored suit. The variety of fabrics and patterns adorning the silhouette’s of the best dressed on Savile Row allow for a Derby to find it’s place in any formal wardrobe.

Michael’s model specifications

Model: Hove

Upper: Mink Suede

Lining: Natural

Toe Shape: MH71

Sole: Dark Brown Brooklands

In addition to the standard MTO options, if you do this on the Brooklands sole, you can choose the colour of the welt, the eyelets, the laces and the stitching on the upper. Visit the Brooklands section of our website here to see what options are available.

Visit Savile Row next time you’re in London, ask to meet Michael or email him directly at michael@gazianogirling.com, you’ll certainly see him wearing his Hove’s in the store and he’ll be happy to assist you in customising your own pair.

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