Rico Fernandez

Episode 2

Episode 2 – Rico Fernandez

Meet Rico Fernandez, client advisor in our Savile Row store, and advocate for the well dressed gentleman. Rico discusses who influenced his affinity for classic menswear and unboxes an elegant addition to his Gaziano & Girling collection: The Astaire.

Rico joined Gaziano & Girling in early 2022, starting his career in tailoring prior to joining the Savile Row team. His passion for classic menswear, influenced by figures from the ’20s and ’30s along with a penchant for anything Bond, Rico has a look and image that belies his youth and is helping carry the beacon for the tailoring industry.

His chosen model in this episode of Shoe Talks: the Astaire, is another model in our collection which deserves much more attention. Rico’s chosen MTO shows the Astaire in it’s most elegant of lights, and elevates the pattern from your average clunky, casual, brogued wingtip (or as the New York Times once called the Brogue “the Crocs of the 18th Century”, in reference to the original brogueing providing a drainage function) to a contemporary silhouette which is sleek and sophisticated and one that firmly cements its place as a must-have in the modern wardrobe.

To differentiate from the ubiquitous wingtip derby, Rico chose the Astaire with it’s sharp Adelaide facing in black calf to formalise the model.

The Astaire offers a surprising amount of variety when choosing this as your MTO model. From choosing a slightly rounder toe shape in a soft, supple suede with a Wensum sole, or creating a spectator with a combination of leather colours, the Astaire really is a model that can fit into every wardrobe.

Rico’s model specifications

Model: Astaire

Upper: Black Calf

Lining: Natural

Toe Shape: Square Deco

Sole: Single Oak Bark Leather

In addition to the standard MTO options, you can add a medallion, we have 8 options to choose from. We can advise on the most appropriate for the size of the toe area.

You can also customise the style of brogueing on this model, we have several styles of perforations to choose from, or you can choose an “austerity” version with a single or double stitch to replace the brogueing. These are options we will advise you on through our sales team in Savile Row.

Visit Savile Row next time you’re in London, ask to meet Rico or email him directly at rico@gazianogirling.com, you’ll certainly see him wearing his Astaire’s in the store and he’ll be happy to assist you in customising your own pair of Astaire’s, but don’t expect to see any of the same dance moves.


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