“Gaziano & Girling make some of the finest bespoke and ready-made shoes out there – sharp yet classic, elegant but with an edge you rarely find in British shoemaking. It’s been great to see them grow in recent years”

Simon Crompton

(Author, Journalist and Founder of Permanent Style blog)

In terms of craft, fit and freedom of design, the bespoke service at Gaziano & Girling creates simply some of the finest shoes available.

To explain this better, we would like to walk you through our bespoke process. Or Book A Call Below.

The first step would be to meet the client and take the measurements. The measurements are taken with precision either in our Savile Row store or during one of our Trunk Shows around the world. Once we have the measurements, a last will be sculpted from beech wood specifically for the individual’s foot. Every last is created based on the client’s taste and measurements. After that we will start working on the design.

The possibilities in designs for Bespoke are unlimited. From any of our house styles to a model that the client wants to create, everything is possible. The pattern is an interpretation of the chosen design and it will be made based on the proportions of the last.

From that pattern, the leather sections will be cut and stitched together.
This will create the upper part of the shoe.
The upper will then be moulded over the last to create the first fitting.

The fit is the key on Bespoke

The fit is the most important part of the bespoke process. We take this step extremely seriously and we will make sure our clients are happy with the fit.

For these reasons, you may be required to have multiple fittings with one of our craftsmen. They will check and take notes on any adjustments required in order to create the perfect fit.

Each foot is different.

Some people have very sensitive feet and others will be more flexible.
In order to gauge your tolerance we can dissect the fitting shoe to see how your toes and heels are positioned inside the shoes.

Once the client and the bespoke maker are happy with the fitting, we will start the final pair.

The bespoke shoe is totally made by hand.

From the cutting and lasting of the leather to the stitching of the welt and sole, every stage is done by hand, the hand-waxed linen thread tying together a work of pure art.

In terms of craft, fit and freedom of expression, our bespoke service creates simply some of the finest shoes available.