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Our Suppliers

At Gaziano & Girling our objective is to create the finest men’s shoes in the world. Below you will find information on the selected suppliers we work with.


J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd

J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd. is the only oak bark tannery in the Britain. The Baker family bought the tannery over 150 years ago in 1862 and J.& F.J. Baker & Co. Ltd. remains a family business to this day.

The Devonshire site of J. & F.J. Baker has been a tannery since the Roman times. The site has grown and developed and expanded over centuries and with it the oak bark production techniques, perfecting the art of tanning.

Oak bark tannage is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide unlike modern tanning methods. We choose the best local hides and treat them in a sustainable process using natural products. It takes 14 months to produce each piece of leather.

J. & F.J. Baker’s team are local craftsmen whose skills and knowledge been handed down through the generations. Some individuals have worked for the company their entire working life. The team’s dedication and years of experience produce the finest results.

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