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All accessories in the Gaziano & Girling range have been produced to the highest standards possible to care for your shoes. 

We have worked with our polish suppliers to develop a polish that is completely natural and contains no chemicals. Our exclusive polish contains the perfect proportion of wax and cream to protect your shoes and we strongly recommend that you use it to maintain them in excellent condition.

Our shoe trees are made to the shape of our lasts for both bespoke and bench made shoes and are available in a natural or mahogany finish. For bespoke orders, a three-piece boot/ shoe tree is also available in both finishes. Handmade boxes and shoe covers for your shoes are also available and can be ordered separately.

Shoe Tree • Mahogany

Shoe Tree • Mahogany

Shoe Tree  Mahogany

Pocket Shoehorn


Shoe Covers

Bespoke Box