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360° view on our iconic "St. James II"

Posted by Max Benatar on

We all know just how much you want to know what exactly you're getting when buying a pair of Gaziano & Girling shoes. And even though we try our best to capture the beauty of our shoes as good as we can, it's something different to see them in flesh to grasp just how lovely their lines really are!

Although this is not as good as having them in front of you, we did manage to get one of our shoes closer to you than before. Below, you find one of our Ready to Wear shoes that is and has been one of our best-selling shoes for very good reasons.

The "St. James II" we have in our permanent collection is made on our iconic TG 73 last. Albeit looking contemporary, a classic chiselled toe like this is a timeless, almost aggressive looking toe shape that incorporates classic British style with an angularity verging on provocation.

The vintage cherry colour is a colour we're well known for. Especially on a shoe as formal as an adelaide oxford, it unfolds its versatility and can easily be dressed both, up and down. So whatever way you look at it in this 360° view, if there was only one Gaziano & Girling shoe to go for, this would be it. As a matter of fact, it is the one shoe every single person working within G & G has. So come on, join the team!



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